[EU / Expert] Railpool adds another five AC3 locomotives to its portfolio [edit]

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At the end of this year Bombardier will deliver another five TRAXX AC3 locomotives to lease company Railpool. They will feature the country specific package DE-AT-HU-RO and have the Last Mile diesel shunting module and remote control. This makes them similar to Railpool 187.3 series locomotives.

The Railpool AC3 fleet overview

  • 9x Last Mile DE-AT-CH = 187 001-009
  • 21x Last Mile DE-AT-HU-RO = 187 300-313, 315-316 + 5 to be delivered* [edited]
  • 5x Last Mile SE-NO

* There is no 187 314 at this moment. The locomotive planned as 314 was delivered to LTE as 1187 930.

Railpool 187 404 at Bergen station – Photo: Dag Christian Halvorsen
Railpool 187 002 repainted in Railpool standard livery – Kassel 08.03.2018 – Photo: Christian Klotz


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