[CZ] CZ Loko hands over two Effishunter locomotives to Škoda Auto

These are the new 723 706 and 723 707, built by CZ Loko from the Czech Republic. Both locomotives are part of the ‘Effishunter 500’ family and were handed over the Škoda Auto on 13.03.2018. 

The Effishunter 500 is a standardised CZ Loko product with a C18 Caterpillar prime mover with a power rating of 522 kW. It top speed is 80 km/h and maximum tractive effort a 222 kN. The two new machines for Škoda Auto feature semiautomatic couplers for shunting services.

Other customers for the Effishunter 500 are Třinecké Železárny steel works from the Czech Republic and Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) from Serbia. All locomotives are listed on Mainlinediesels.net

Photo: Dalibor Palko for CZ Loko
Photo: Dalibor Palko for CZ Loko 
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