[MA] Alstom to supply 30 electric locomotives to ONCF

Alstom has been awarded a contract with ONCF for the supply of 30 electric Prima locomotives. The contract – which is the result of an international tender launched by ONCF in March 2017 – is worth around €130 million. While the 30 locomotives will be manufactured in Alstom’s Belfort plant, the Alstom team in Morocco will ensure the after sales service and maintenance.

The 30 Prima M4 locomotives have a nominal power of 5.5 MW, a maximum operating speed of 160 km/h and operate under 3 KV DC voltage. They can be equipped with ETCS level 1. They require minimum maintenance and provide a high reliability level and low lifecycle cost thanks to the modular design.

“We are delighted that ONCF has renewed its confidence in our company and our products. Thanks to a consolidated and historical partnership based on mutual trust and a real teamwork spirit with our customer, 20 Prima locomotives have been successfully in service in Morocco since 2011 and today, with this new contract, our journey continues and we are proud to contribute to the development of the Moroccan railway infrastructure”, said Brahim Soua, Managing Director of Alstom in Morocco.

Railcolor: Alstom delivered a first batch of 20 Prima locomotives in 2009-2010, the designated E1401-E1420. These 3kV locomotives, with a topspeed of 160 km/H, have the PrimaII body design from 2008.

In this statement Alstom states it has sold ‘Prima M4’ type locomotives. This is the current name for Alstom’s modular (multi system) 4-axle electrics for the European (TSI) or the GOS market. Both the older PrimaII design as well as the electrics Alstom is currently building for the railways of Kazakhstan (KZ4At) and Azerbajdzjan (AZ4A) ‘belong’ to this the Prima M4 family. As both products are very different, little can be said about the design of these 30 new machines.