[US] New Jersey Transit is exercising an option for 17 ALP-45DP dual-power locomotives

Railway Age is reporting: “New Jersey Transit is exercising an option with Bombardier Transportation for 17 ALP-45DP dual-power locomotives, to supplement its existing 35-unit fleet. (..) The contract value is still subject to the availability of funds.”

In August 2008, Bombardier Transportation signed an unique duo-contract for an unique product. New Jersey Transit (NJT) from the USA and the Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (AMT) both ordered Dual-Power locomotives, a new product from the Canadian-German manufacturer specially developed the meet the very special needs of both operators.

The Dual-Power locomotive is a fully fledged electric (4400 kW) and diesel locomotive (3100 kW engine output), combined in one driving unit, with only four axles. The total weight of one locomotive is 130 tonnes, resulting in a impressive 32,5 tonnes per axle. One can image the complexity of such a drive train, and still keep everything under the maximum axle weight.

NJT originally ordered 26 Dual Powers.  In 2010 the board of NJT approved an additional order for 9 units. The original contract included the possibility to order more as 60 extra locomotives.

Important milestones:

  • 21.09.2010: presentation of the first Dual Mode concept at Innotrans Railways Fair Berlin, unit 4500
  • 13.03.2011: arrival of the first unit in the USA; 4501 disembarked at Port Newark, N.J.
  • 11.05.2011: official presentation of the ALP-45: 4500 at Newark Penn Station
  • 30.05.2012: First locomotives enter revenue service
Left: AMT 1350 – Right: NJT 4501 at Kassel – Photo: Bombardier