[CH] railCare: new TRAXX and Vectron locomotives replace BLS machines

The locomotive fleet of Swiss rail freight operator railCare is changing. You may know that soon railCare will start operating its first own Vectron locomotives, but before all seven machines in order are completed and delivered, it will be 2018. railCare however already has to return the locomotives it is currently using to BLS Cargo, from who it was hiring five Re 465 series locos and one Re 425 machine since 2013/2014. So a plan has been made to fill the gap:

railCare is currently receiving five locomotives from Railpool, being the 187 001/003 and the brand new multi system machines with the number 186 446, 452 and 453. The multisystems are of course quite ‘overdressed’ for railcare, but for a short period of time, this is acceptable. Later two more 186s will be handed over by Railpool, supplementing the interim fleet. Next year, the TRAXX machines will grab dually be replaced by the new incoming Vectron locomotives that are currently under construction.

And yes, with the new 476 451 railCare now has its first new Vectron. This one is the direct replacement of the  BLS Re 425 that was operated under 11 kV AC to Felsberg.

Photo: Dominic Wyss
Photo: Dominic Wyss
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