[IT] +5: ntv raises number of Pendolino EMUs on order to 17

The Ntv Board of Directors has approved the purchase of another five high speed trains from Alstom. This raises the total of Pendolino Evo trains on order from 12 to 17. 

It is the second time ntv exercises an option for more Pendolino Evo (designated series ETR 675) trains. The first eight were ordered in December 2015, four more were added in September 2016. The first four trains should enter service this December. Source: ansa.it

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Update 19.11.2017: An image added of ETR 675 no.3 during a test run:

NTV ETR 675 no. 3 during. a test run from Savigliano (Alstom factoty) to Venezia-Mestre on 18.11.2017 – Photo: Nicolò Lovato‎
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