[NZ] CAF to deliver another 15 (B)EMUs to Auckland

On 07.11.2017 CAF signed a contract to supply 15 electric units for the city of Auckland, New Zealand. This contract totalling circa € 100M, is comprehensive of vehicle maintenance for an 8-year term. In addition, the contract has an extension option to fit the units with battery packages. This would enable them to run on the line section between Papakura and Pukekohe, which is not currently electrified. The units would replace the old diesel units that are currently in service on this section.

In 2011, the city of Auckland awarded CAF with the supply of 57 electric units and their maintenance for 12 years. Those units were commissioned in 2014, and have since completed a total mileage in excess of 11 million kilometres.

The success of the network operated by Auckland Transport is illustrated by this year’s milestone of 20 million annual passengers, for an over-year increase of almost 20% and a daily record of more than 113,000 passengers. Accordingly, the new units are essentially meant to take up the strong growth in demand experienced in this New Zealand city’s railway network.

The unveiling of the first train back in 2013:

The units will be similar to those previously supplied to the same customer, consisting of three cars, two cabbed end motor cars and one intermediate trailer car, with a total capacity for 380 passengers. The car structure is made of stainless steel and each car is equipped with two passenger access doors per side. Also, the intermediate car is low floor to facilitate access for persons with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.

Railcolor: This type of train is also known as AM (Auckland Metro) class trains. Since 2014 57 EMUs have entered service after Auckland’s railway network was electrified. The trains are operated by Transdev Auckland for Auckland Transport and are branded as ‘AT Metro’.

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