[EU / Expert] After the Rastatt incident; Diesel locomotives helping out on Stuttgart – Tübingen – Horb

You must have read about it, about the current situation at Rastatt. During the construction of a tunnel under the very, very busy the Karlsruhe – Basel line, part of a project to double the capacity of this route, monitoring instruments detected a subsidence under the two existing rail tracks on 12.08.2017. The ground depressed around 50 cm and caused the rails to buckle. All rail traffic, passenger and freight, had to be halted. 

Update 15.09.2017: The line can be opened 5 days earlier as expected!

Karlsruhe – Basel, also known as the ‘Rheintalbahn’ is a crucial part of the European rail freight corridor A (Rhine – Alpine). Its closure has disrupted passenger traffic, meaning passengers have to search for alternative modes of transport like busses. The closure has also results in considerable economic damage for many railfreight operators, logistic companies and their customers; Words such as ‘disastrous’ (KombiVerkehr) and ‘dramatic’ (SBB Cargo) are being used. These all have published very critical statements, some of the calling for direct (financial) support. Meanwhile, it has been officially stated it will take until 07.10.2017 02.10.2017 to get the line open again. A short-term solution, such as repairing at least one track with temporary measurements, is out of the question. It has already led to a dispute on the highest levels between Germany and Switzerland.

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