[CZ] Design: this is the new interior for the Czech Pendolino

The Czech railways (ČD) have announced a redesign for the flagship trains: the 680 series ‘Pendolino’. This year, all seven trains will get a complete new interior. The trains have been in revenue service for twelve years now.

ČD states that wear and tear is starting to show of, and that the 680s currently do not meet modern standards anymore. So, this summer the first Pendolino will be subjected to an interior ‘rejuvenation’ plan. New seating, new toilets, a new bistro area and a cinema for the kids. This autumn ČD plans the present the first modernized set. A passenger information system will be installed, new lighting and power sockets as well.

The design has been made in close cooperation with Mr. Jiri Španihel and Mr. Patrik Kotas. The initial plans to just refresh the current interior were replaced by a complete new design.

As the press statement is mentioning 7 trains, this would mean that the set crashed in 2016, will be back on the tracks in the future.

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