[SE] Inlandsbanan showcases modern DMU as local railways need an upgrade

A remarkable guest-appearance, far far away from home: As of 29.03.2017, a diesel train made in Croatia is touring in Sweden. It will make runs on the ‘Inlandsbanan’ between Mora and Arvidsjaur, showcasing how it would be to have modern rolling stock and regular timetabled services on the line. The DMU, built by TŽV Gredelj, will run on the Inlandsbanan until next Saturday.

TŽV Gredelj has sent its prototype ‘low-floor DMU for regional services’ (type 7022) up north. It is 3-car diesel-electric train with a top speed of 160 km/h. For this weeks event, the train got a red livery with Inlandsbanan-logos, replacing its original silver-red color scheme.

Inlandsbanan firmly believes that Sweden’s ‘Inland’ needs a modern infrastructure, and modern trains. Travel times can be reduced, bringing people together and making the regions more attractive for visitors.

Introducing more energy efficient diesel-electric trains, running on biofuels, will help to reduce the railway’s CO2 footprint, another important goal for Inlandsbanan, that now still has to operate old-school diesel-hydraulic Y1 motorcars. Nice detail: The Y1’s are also operated in Croatia… the circle is closed!

Photo: Inlandsbanan