[PT] Alfa Pendular turns silver: mid-life revision for Portuguese tilting trains

Its official name is ‘Alfa Pendular’ and it has a bright red-white-blue livery, but not for long anymore. Last year, the Portuguese railways (CP) announced the modernization if its flagship-train fleet and now the first fully modernized tilting train is ready to go: This is Alfa Pendular no.9 in a complete new look:

CP owns ten 6-car trains that are being used to interconnect the cities of Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Santarém, Lisbon, Albufeira and Faro. The Alfa Pendular entered service in the late 90s. Its max speed is 220 km/h and it is equipped with a Fiat-built active tilting technology making it possible to tilt a car body with a maximum angle of 8°.

The ‘new’ Alfa Pendular got a more distinguished look in silver with bright green accents. It features Conforto (1) and Turística (2) classes, a cafeteria, a mini bar and one can order meals. It has wi-fi, audio and video channels and seats reserved and adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Train no. 4009, shown in these pictures, was named ‘Manoel de Oliveira’ in 2008, honoring a famous Portuguese film maker that celebrated his 100th birthday that year. It sports his autograph, his name and special visuals. 

Manoel de Oliveira was a famous Portuguese film maker who passed away in 2015. Photo: Comboios de Portugal
The end cars combine their silver livery with dark grey masks giving them a more premium look. Photo: Comboios de Portugal
Manoel de Oliveira’s autograph. Photo: Comboios de Portugal
Photo: Comboios de Portugal
The Turística (2) classe with green head rests. Photo: Comboios de Portugal
The Conforto (1) class features dark seats. Photo: Comboios de Portugal