[EU] Rhenus Rail orders TRAXX MS locomotives [updated]

Rhenus Rail has decided to order three TRAXX MS locomotives, equipped for Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Title Image: Railcolor. No official relation to Bombardier nor Rhenus Rail

Rhenus Rail is part of the Rhenus Group, that owns 50% of the shares in LTE Logistik- und Transport GmbH and 50,1% 70,1% of the shares in Crossrail. Also Rhenus Rail St. Ingbert (100%) and Niag (51%) are part of the family. So Rhenus Rail can make use of a large fleet of modern electrics, and via these operators the company has licenses to operate railfreight in all the countries where the new TRAXX locomotives will be used.

Railcolor: Interesting is to see in which livery these machines will be delivered, e.g. how they will be branded. In Crossrail livery, Rhenus Rail logos, something very different? By the way, did you know that back in the 00s, there was already a ‘modern locomotive’ with Rhenus logos?

Update 04.05.2017: The answer is here, the locomotives will be all-blue:

Rhenus Rail 186 269 on miadne run in Kassel, 04.05.2017. Photo: Marcus Alf