[EU] Delivery new TRAXX MS locomotives to Akiem

Bombardier has completed the delivery of another batch of five TRAXX F140 MS2e locomotives (186 192-195 + 260) to lease company Akiem. This leasing company now has 19 units in it fleet, and more are on order. 

Today the hand-over of Akiem 186 194, 186 195 and 186 260 will take place at Forbach. All three will be hired to Fret SNCF, all three are equipped for services in Belgium, France and Germany. Fret SNCF is currently hiring twelve MS2e machines from Akiem, all being used for international services in Belgium and France.

Maiden run of Akiem 186 192 on 19.12.2016 in Kassel. Photo: Antoine Leclerq
Akiem 186 194 on maiden run on 10.01.2017. Photo: Antoine Leclerq
Akiem 186 192 and 193 ready to be handed over on 22.12.2016. Photo: Antoine Leclerq
Akiem 186 260, 194 and 195 ready for delivery to Akiem on 20.01.2017. Photo: Antoine Leclerq

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