[EU] Metrans’ second batch of TRAXX electrics enter service

Metrans Rail is currently receiving new TRAXX MS locomotives for its fleet for international freight services. New are 386 021 (handed over on 31.10.2016) and 022 (30.11.2016) and 023 (05.12.2016). Filip Dittrich made a picture of the latter one on 01.12.2016 in Prague. Its UIC raster tells us the machine has not been released yet for all the countries it will be running in the future.

Back ground: Metrans Rail has signed a contract with Bombardier for the delivery of ten additional TRAXX MS locomotives in 2015, bringing the total to 30. The plan is to have seven units get the packages for Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary (identical to the first twenty machines). The remaining three machines should additionally get ETCS and the Dutch railway signalling system so they can be used for freight services to and from Rotterdam (NL)

Update: Today 386 024 completed its maiden run, recorded by Marcus Alf and Martin Voigt:

Metrans 386 024-4 in Guntershausen (DE), 13.12.2016 – Photo: Marcus Alf