[PL] Pesa finishes delivery of new Sundeck trains just-in-time

Under severe pressure, Pesa was able to hand-over all new Sundeck double deck trains and Gama locomotives to Koleje Mazowiekie, just before the end of 2015. On December 30, the last of 22 coaches were handed over to the passenger operator based in Warsaw, Poland. Two locomotives were delivered, the designated 111Eb-001 and 002.

The end of the year was a hard deadline, because afterwards no longer European funding could be claimed to finance the order. Pesa promised to have the trains available earlier in 2015, but failed. The official hand-over ceremony to Koleje Mazowieckie took place on 06.01.2016.

A standard composition will be: driving trailer + six intermediate coaches + locomotive. The 22 new Sundeck coaches will used in mixed operation with the existing fleet of Bombardier Twindexx-coaches. The Sundeck driver trailer has 85 seats, an intermediate car 130. The trains have a maximum speed of 160 kph.

Learn more about the Pesa Gama locomotives on Railcolor.net

Also, Pesa published a nice promotional video starring the Sundeck trains:

PesaSundeck – Żmigród from PESA Bydgoszcz on Vimeo.