[DE] Nordbahn/SüWex: Delivery Flirt3 trains delayed

Time is running out for Stadler Rail, regarding the acceptance and delivery of new Flirt3-trains to DB Regio. Rail operator Nordbahn has fifteen sets on order (series 1429 and 1430) that need to be available in December 2014, for services between Hamburg and Itzehoe / Wrist.

Mid-November, only three sets were delivered, with more expected soon. The homologation for the German rail network has not been granted yet. Nordbahn is therefore working on a back-up plan.

DB Regio, which should deploy Flirt3 trains as of December on the ‘RE-Südwest Netz’ (SüWex network), expects to have enough sets available for its standard timetable in March 2015. These trains (series 0429.1) have a white color with red and black triangles. Remarkable: These trains will run combined with KISS trains of the Luxembourg Railways (CFL) on the route Trier – Koblenz.

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