[locomotive] Howard Lewsey reports: the EuroDual in blue and red

This is too nice to put them behind a paywall, so this one is for everyone to enjoy. You see one of two recently delivered Stadler EuroDual locomotives of Grenland Rail from Norway. Howard happened to be in the area to portray the shiny machine in a very, very lush environment:

Grenland Rail 2159 008 in Ler on 04.07.2024 © Howard Lewse
Grenland Rail 2159 008 in Ler on 04.07.2024 © Howard Lewsey

About Grenland Rail

The operator was founded by Heimon Winkelman and Miljø og Veiservice in 2005 in Skien to transport machinery to maintain the railway infrastructure. Over time, Grenland Rail started transporting freight, and In 2012, the company was granted its own licences in Norway. In 2021 its Kongsberg workshop became ECM certified, n 2022 it took over Baneservice Skandinavia giving the company a licence for operation in Sweden.

Today, the Group owns around 20 locomotives and 40 cars and employs around 90 people in Norway and 30 more in Sweden. The Stadler locomotives were ordered in 2022 and delivered earlier this year from Spain. Grenland Rail is known for its Class DE6400 diesels from the Netherlands, classic EL15 electrics and Class 214 shunters from Alstom in Stendal.

Grenland Rail 2159 008 in Skatval on 05.07.2024 © Howard Lewsey