[FREE / design] Anniversary livery update for the first HHPI EuroDual

Heavy Haul Power International (HHPI) is celebrating a significant anniversary these days, which needs to be showcased appropriately—with a celebration event and an anniversary livery.

Beauty in simplicity

The holder of the anniversary livery was chosen to be locomotive 159 201, which wears the carrier’s standard livery consisting of a colourful logo in the centre of the locomotive, accompanied by a large lettering with the company’s name on the left-hand side. Balloons belong to any proper celebration. Do you remember? Lokotrain, which also recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, used a similar design on its locomotive. HHPI used a similar style on 159 201, where miniatures of multi-coloured balloons were applied, accompanied by a large inscription “25 Jahre HHPI”.

Satisfaction with EuroDuals

HHPI is satisfied with the Swiss company’s locomotives. It has successively leased eight locomotives 2159 201-205, 224, 237 and 251 from ELP, which wear different designs:

2159 201 with new anniversary livery upgrade © Sven King