[design] New by Railcolor: Karlotta for Netzwerkbahn Sachsen

Olivia and Karlotta.

Our customer Netzwerkbahn Sachsen (NeS) is proud to present its second Railcolor Design locomotive – another brand new Nexrail shunting locomotive with Stage V diesel engine.

‘Karlotta’ with number 4185 121 has been given a warm grey wrap by our partner Pat & Patachon, making it clearly distinguishable from ‘Olivia’ which wears the same design but in shades of blue. Fresh orange accents add dynamism and character to the locomotives.

Nexrail > NeS 4185 121 in June 2024 © NeS


Nexrail > NeS 4185 110 ‘Olivia’ in Freiberg on 18.03.2024 © NeS


Olivia arrived on the track in March 2024 – She was the two hundredth locomotive with an outfit designed by Railcolor Design