[passenger] BEMUs for passenger transport to Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin

On 12.06.2024, Tesla published:

“Since September 2023, Tesla has been offering its train shuttle, which more than 3,500 people use daily. The general public can also use it free of charge, and it significantly contributes to easing traffic congestion in the region. True to Tesla’s mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, we are proud to switch from a diesel train to a battery-electric train from summer 2024 onwards and make the connection to the Tesla-owned railway station sustainable.”

Railcolor: It has been criticized that an electric car manufacturer brought his employees to work with a diesel train. This has now been solved in cooperation with Siemens’ Smart Train Lease (so we expect Mireo+B BEMUs) and passenger rail operator NEB (that also operated the diesel trains).  There will be a short transitional break during which no train shuttle will run. 

About Smart Train Lease

Siemens Smart Train Lease offers customers the recently presented Mireo Smart to enable them to supplement their fleets flexibly and quickly with modern BEMU/FCEMU/EMUs. Smart Train Lease is active in Germany but plans to expand its services throughout Europe in the medium term.

Mireo Smart EMU 3464 002 in Krefeld in November 2023 © Siemens