[CH] In the picture: Stadler ORION EMU for MGB out for delivery [updated]


In the summer of 2022, Railcolor News reported that the first Stadler ORION EMU for the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway had been handed over. Since then, we haven’t been able to bring you any updates on the project, until now.

This article was first published on 08.03.2023 and updated on 31.05.2023 (picture added)

Jonathan Grandjean caught a brand-new ORION set out for delivery on the famous Bietschtal viaduct, hauled by Stadler Rail RBDe 567 173:

A brand new ORION EMU for MGB on the Bietschtal viaduct (CH) on 02.03.2023 © Jonathan Grandjean

Update 31.05.2023

Tests of the new EMUs are in full swing and are expected to enter service soon. Bruno Jurášek (Check out his Instagram) caught two new Orion units on tests near Niederwald (CH) on 05.05.2023:

Two MGB Orion units during a test run near Niederwald (CH) on 05.05.2023 © Bruno Jurášek

Services start later in 2023

MGBahn placed an order for 27 “Optimaler Regionalzug Im Oeffentlichen Nahverkehr” or ORION sets back in 2020. The first units are scheduled to enter service in May of 2023. Read more about these trains in the article below:

[CH / Expert] ORION: Stadler to deliver up to 27 rack-and-pinion trains to MGBahn