[DE] From Emden to Bremen: The Vectron Dual Mode of e.g.o.o.

This summer German private operator e.g.o.o. introduced a Vectron Dual Mode to its fleet. Back then, the machine was still wearing its factory-white paint job. However recently the operator revealed a special livery design for its hybrid locomotive. Let’s take a quick look.

Behold the teal blue livery design for e.g.o.o.’s Vectron Dual Mode 248 007. Curious to find what inspired this specific design, we contacted e.g.o.o. for further details.

According to Christian Stavermann, Managing Director of the company, the livery tries to identify e.g.o.o.’s offices Emden and Bremen, which are based in northern/northwestern Germany. Emden is on the sea coasts (notice the birds and marine elements to the left), while the „Bremer Roland“ statue (to the right) marks the independence of the city of Bremen.

Vectron Dual Mode 248 007 in its new livery © e.g.o.o.

The 2D visual elements have been complemented by e.g.o.o.’s logo (in the center), as well as by a cheerful “Moin!” (Hi!) greeting on cab 1 and the Vectron Dual Mode logo on cab 2. The same elements are being used on the other side of the locomotive, while its fronts have a teal blue base with the operator’s logo in the spotlight.

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[DE / Expert] e.g.o.o. goes Vectron Dual Mode [updated x2]

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