[AT] The real thing: first Nightjet with a Vectron face is out!

You already know what a Vectron in Nighjet livery looks like, and we have seen the visuals of the driving trailer of the new generation of ÖBB Nightjets. Now, it’s time for the real thing: 

Are you tired of so many Vectron all over Europe? No? Good! As there are more to come, and not just as locomotives. The new Nightjet trains, twenty of which were ordered by the Austrian state-owned ÖBB, will also have the face of a Vectron at their driving coaches. So far, we have only seen the visualizations, but the time has come for the first picture of the real thing.

© Siemens Mobility

© Siemens Mobility
© Siemens Mobility

On 10.09.2021, the first driving trailer and one intermediate coach rolled out of the factory, all in Nightjet livery, with big yellow stickers on both cars saying TEST. And that is the stage that will follow now – thorough testing before we will finally see these new trains crossing Europe, after dawn.

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