[DE] EHB: Alstom H3 in service at the Osnabrücker Hafen

Last week, EHB in Osnabrück started operating its new hybrid locomotive. It concerns Alstom H3 no. 90 80 1002 040-6 D-ALS with the name “Salzgitter”. It is hired from the manufacturer. It is one of the locomotives of the newest batch in Alstom’s red/white livery (SWEG also got such a machine recently).

Eisenbahn- und Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Region Osnabrück (EHB) is the official name of the rail operator, owned by the city of Osnabrück. It manages the shunting service on the local harbour rail network, around 21 km in length. Currently, a container terminal is being completed in Osnabrück, covering an area of around 9.5 Ha. EHB shares the depot area with passenger operator Nordwestbahn.

Older locos in the fleet were/are known under their “Haba” (Hafenbahn) number.

In the future, EHB wants to replace all its diesel locomotives with hybrids – to lower CO2 emissions, reduce the noise level and to save on diesel fuel.

Alstom > EHB 1002 040 – June 2021 – Stadtwerke Osnabrück
Alstom > EHB 1002 040 – June 2021 – Stadtwerke Osnabrück
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