[ES / Expert] Specifics: Alstom to deliver X’Trapolis trains to Renfe

The contours of Renfe’s big commuter trains fleet renewal are getting clearer. On 29.03.2021, Alstom released more specifics about their part of the cake – they will deliver 152 X’Trapolis EMUs, having both single and double deck cars. 

The order is worth more than €1.4 billion and also includes a 15-year maintenance contract for 56 trains. The new trains will be deployed in the most congested urban areas in Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Photo credit: Alstom

What we know so far:

  • Length per trainset: 100 meter;
  • Capacity per trainset: 900 passengers (Railcolor: this must be seats + standees);
  • Configuration: Mixed – we see single-deck end-cars, double deck middle cars (and Jacobs bogies);
  • Alstom claims: Recyclability rate at the end of its lifecycle is 98%;
  • Spanish suppliers’ ratio: 80%;
  • Trains manufacturing plant: Santa Perpètua, near Barcelona.

You may know the name X’Trapolis from Alstom’s current project with Bombardier in France, where it is building 255 X’Trapolis Cityduplex trains for Paris. It is a true global platform as trains based on a similar platform are in use in Australia, Chile, or South Africa.

An X’Trapolis Mega trainset in operation for Prasa in south Africa. – Alstom / Karl Schoemaker

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