[DE] Out and about: This is the EuroDual for Starkenberger [updated x2]

As Railcolor News previously reported, more ELP-owned EuroDuals are currently being deployed in Germany. This could mean only one thing – more colors for Stadler’s hybrid six-axle design. In this article, we focus on the EuroDual Starkenberger.

Railcolor thanks Marcel Grauke (check his Flickr & Instagram), @mini.wismut, and Torsten Liermann for their photo-contributions. This article was published on 21.12.2020 – and updated on 29.12.2020 (new picture added; scroll down to see the update).

Starkenberger Güterlogistik GmbH is one of the latest construction site-oriented German operators to introduce the EuroDual in their fleet. On 20.12.2020 locomotive 159 211, was spotted while passing by the Zauschwitz block post near Pegau (DE). The machine was pulling a consist of 51 (!) open cars, loaded with sand towards Leipzig:

159 211 of ELP > Starkenberger, seen at Block Zauschwitz near Pegau 20.12.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Grauke

And we have a second view of the locomotive from the same day from Großenstein (DE), showing it as a light engine on the way back to Gera for a second train:

189 211, seen in Großenstein 19.12.2020 Photo credit: @mini.wismut

A second locomotive sporting the same design is expected to appear on the tracks anytime now.

About the design

The livery design of the locomotive features a solid anthracite-grey base, with numerous white shapes bringing out contrast at different parts of the locomotive, such as its air vents and cab door trims. Decorative white stripes have been also applied to the design. The Starkenberger logo has been centrally located on its sides and left-aligned on the cab fronts. Finally, dark green lines bring an accent to the upper part of the locomotive shell, excluding its cabs.

159 211 of ELP > Starkenberger, seen at Block Zauschwitz near Pegau 20.12.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Grauke

Update 29.12.2020

We are updating the article with another nice image of the locomotive, taken on the same day (20.12.2020). Torsten Liermann caught the locomotive with train 95257 running between Gera Gbf and Papenburg (Ems) in Leipzig Wiederitzsch:

159 211 of ELP > Starkenberger, seen in Leipzig Wiederitzsch (DE) 20.12.2020 Photo credit: Torsten Liermann

Update 11.01.2021

A snowy update with a picture of 159 213 which is also a part of the Starkenberger’s fleet of three EuroDuals (211, 212, and 213). The image below was made at Leipzig Wiederitzsch on 10.01.2021 and depicts freight service 52704 between Gera Gbf and Papenburg (Ems):

159 213 of ELP > Starkenberger, seen in Leipzig Wiederitzsch (DE) 10.01.2021 Photo credit: Torsten Liermann

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