[NO / Expert] New Railcolor for Railpool and CargoNet – 187 405

The sun is rising for a new TRAXX AC3 electric for Scandinavia, literally. On 06.11.2020 Railpool announced that all-new 187 405 was on its way to Rostock – from where it took a boat trip to Sweden. Currently, the machine is being prepared for its first commercial services. For the first time Railcolor can now show you a good picture.

We thank Marcel Wurmstich for his picture – take a look at his photoblog Pixelwurm.pics if you like.

405 is a sixth locomotive with SE-NO package – in 2017 Bombardier delivered 187 400-404 to Railpool. All these machines feature the Last Mile shunter diesel module

The locomotive also has Flex Panels which immediately make clear who is the first lessee: CargoNet in Norway.

Railcolor Design was responsible for the design.

Railpool > CargoNet 187 405 – Marcel Wurmstich

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