[RO] Unique personalities: The Smartron colors of E-P Rail Romania


Creating a uniform livery design for a specific locomotive fleet is always an option. But then there is also the opportunity to make each of the machines unique by giving them a custom-made design. In its visual communication, E-P Rail from Romania has clearly opted for the second strategy. And we’ve already seen it clearly on its Transmontana locomotives. Now, we switch from red to Capri blue, as we cover the fleet of brand new Smartrons which the operator received earlier this year.

Railcolor News thanks Alexandru Grădinariu and Antonio Istrate for their photo-contributions to the article.

E-P Rail owns a total of four Smartron locomotives. In Romania, they have been given numbers 192 003 – 006. And (almost) all of them have a special exterior design. Ler’s have an overview:

192 003

This was the first Smartron to debut a special livery. Being strictly geometrical is both linear and arrow based and blends in nicely with the Capri Blue base color of the locomotive. Different shades from white to full blue are being used to give a three-dimensional feeling to the composition. Interestingly, the front of the locomotive has been preserved clean with only the E-P Rail logo and the “Power to perform” slogan left there to catch full attention:

192 003 of E-P Rail, seen in Suceava (RO) on 24.06.2020 Photo credit: Alexandru Grădinariu

192 004

192 004 is quite different from the other two livery designs that E-P Rial uses on its Vectrons. Instead of arrows, the main visual element we observe here are tiled squares that bring a feeling of digitalisation, as seen from above they easily remind of LCD pixels. There is also a third color being introduced here – red – which could serve as a ‘bridge’ between blue Smartrons and red Transmontanas. The E-P Rail logos have been given a highlight and, once again, the cab fronts remain clean.  The introduction of red can be also be explained by BCR Leasiong’s logo which is present on both sides of the locomotive (we didn’t see it on 192 003).

192 004 of E-P Rail, seen in Campina (RO) on 30.08.2020 Photo credit: Antonio Istrate

192 005

Here we see a more colorful version of 192 005, back to the original design, only this time red/blue gradients have been applied on the sides. The “Financed by BCR Leasing” motif is once again present, together with the now traditional clean blue fronts:

192 005 of E-P Rail, seen in Suceava (RO) on 20.08.2020 Photo credit: Alexandru Grădinariu

192 006 – livery coming soon

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that almost all of E-P Rail’s Smartrons have a unique identity. And 192 006 is the exception here. Delivered to the operator in mid-September, this locomotive is already working trains around Craiova in Romania. However, so far it has stayed all-blue.

Adria Transport 2016 920 and E-P Rail 192 006 in Mosonmagyaróvár (HU) 17.09.2020 – Nagy László

While a livery design for the fourth member of the fleet is surely on the way, we will make sure to update you as soon as the change in appearance takes place. And hey, by the way, there is one more Smartron running all ‘naked’ in Romania. This is 192 025 of MMV Rail.

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