[RU] Siemens + Sinara: New Sapsan 2 high-speed trains for RZD

Ural Locomotives, a joint-venture of Siemens and Russian enterprise Sinara, has signed a framework agreement for the delivery of 42 new high-speed trains for Russsian Railways (RZD).

The contract will result in the development of a new type of high-speed train with a design speed of 360 km/h, referred to as Sapsan 2. The first trains should be ready by 2023. After additional two years of testing, commercial operation should start in 2025.

You may know Ural Locomotives from the production of 2ES6 and 2ES10 type electric freight locomotives.

Visualization: Engineering center of railway transport

The companies mention the line Moscow – St. Petersburg as the first line where Sapsan 2 will be introduced. RZD already has Siemens Velaro HSTs (Sapsan) in use between these cities. Their number will grow to 29 after an additional order of 13 trains was confirmed in 2019.

New factory – improved infrastructure

Sapsan 2 will be built in a new assembly plant of Ural Locomotives, to be opened in 2025 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, just north of Jekaterinburg.

By 2026, RZD wants to complete an infrastructure update of the fastest Moscow – St. Petersburg line. At the moment the Sapsan trains can not go faster as 200-250 km/h.

Russia is planning further growth of the high-speed lines network from Moscow, leading to towns such as Kazan, or Nizhnyi Novgorod.

Visualization: Engineering center of railway transport
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