[DE] First Mireo for Alpha Trains on their way to the customer

Alpha Trains was awaiting the delivery of the first Siemens Mireo EMUs after completing the tests at Wegberg-Wildenrath. Now, the first two sets have been transferred to the final customer; Trans Regio in Koblenz.

While running in multiple, they headed for their place of deployment on the Mittelrheinbahn (RB26):

  • 94 80 0463 302-0 D-TDR =  463 302 /802
  • 94 80 0463 303-8 D-TDR = 463 303 / 803
Photo credit: Alpha Trains

Alpha Trains six units on order – the other four will arrived until December. Their deployment at the southern part of the Mittelrheinbahn will free-up Siemens Desiro ML units which will move north, where they will serve on the popular Cologne – Remagen line in triple-traction.

Photo credit: Alpha Trains
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