[EU / Expert] Tender Update 11.08.2020

Don’t miss out on that one! The latest edition of ‘Tender Update’ brings some very interesting news from Czechia and Sweden to our Expert readers:

  • [CZ] We start with a “Notice on a buyer profile” from České dráhy (ČD). The state operator’s goal is the acquisition of a total of 30 diesel and dual-mode locomotives (1+ 20 respectively), intended for operation in the Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany, and Hungary. To find out the current market possibilities either in the form of a sale or in the form of a lease for a period of 10 years, ČD has previously carried out a preliminary market consultation;
  • [HR] According to Croatian media, only one offer was submitted for HŽ PP’s tender for 21 new EMUs. This was Končar. The road to the opening of the final bid was long and preceded by multiple complaints by Stadler Rail;
  • [CZ] ČD has extended the deadline for another tender – the one for up to 90 MS electrics with a top speed of 200 km/h. The new deadline is 17.08.2020;
  • [HU] As published previously, MÁV-START is looking to acquire 50x (25 kV 50 Hz / 15 kV 16 23 Hz) low-floor BEMUs in two modifications: 30x 150-seat and 20x 200-seat. Prospective suppliers are being invited to submit their requests for participation by 07.09.2020. An interesting technical detail that will be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the proposals is the possibility of multiple mode operation with MÁV-START’s existing fleet of Series 415, Stadler-built FLIRT EMUs. Nonetheless, it is the price criterion which remains the most important one;
  • [PL]  PKP Intercity has once again extended the deadline for participation requests for its tender for 10 multisystem electrics. The new deadline is 30.09.2020;
  • [SE] And now for the really big news: After another setback, following EU Commission’s decision against a direct order of trains from Bombardier, SJ’s Project Delta 3.0 is a go! Now we are talking about a full public procurement instead of a voluntary ex-ante transparency notice that was attempted before. We remind you that Swedish SJ is looking for up to 40 EMUs intended for operation on future high-speed railways at least in Sweden and on the existing railway infrastructure in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The trains shall have a maximum operational speed higher than or equal to 250 km/h. The future contract shall include interconnected deliverables such as documentation, training, spare parts, special tools, related IT systems, and services.
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