[AT / Expert] Suddenly, a 189 looks, yes, rather small.. ELP EuroDual on the Brenner Pass

ELP 159 207, a 7,000 kW-Stadler EuroDual, has been tested in Austria for a while now, authorization in progress. Last weekend it re-appeared in the Alps, on the Brennerbahn to be more precise, trying out the sharpest inclines and fresh air of Alps.

No one would refer to a Siemens EuroSprinter as a small locomotive. Yet, put it behind a Stadler EuroDual – and the 23 m-long white Co’Co’ makes a 189 look more like a toy.

A train full of new cars with actually three locomotives (2 x ES64F4 and 1x EuroDual) was spotted at Matrei bei Brenner climbing up one of the most demanding mountain passes of Europe. So far, the first EuroDuals that have been delivered are now used for heavy freight trains on German and French domestic routes. Yet, ELP also regards pan-European rail corridors as an important future territory for the EuroDual/Euro6000/Euro9000.

Locomotive 159 207 in pure white livery was not only on a train from Munich along with 189 901 and 903 working for Lokomotion. It was also spotted on an intermodal train from Verona [IT] to Bremen [DE] over the last weekend.

ELP 159 207 with Lokomotion 189 901 and 903 in Mühlbach on 18.07.2020 – Hannes Sigmund
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