[FR] VFLI in the picture: That Euro Dual in France

In the past months Railcolor News recently you with an overview of all the EuroDual locomotives that recently entered service in Germany. But there is a single representative of the series that is currently in action in France. Being the prototype of the series, it is different. Time to see it at work!

Railcolor News thanks François Pobez for sending his beautiful picture for publishing. Have newsworthy pictures of modern rolling stock from Europe yourself? Head on to our submission page or simply email them to us.

In April, François Pobez witnessed the following landscape scene in France – VFLI’s EuroDual no. 92 87 0006 001-7 with a ‘Vittel’ water train passing through Arles in Vougeot. Enjoy:

VFLI’s EuroDual 6001 01 seen with a water train in Arles in Vougeot 04.2020 Photo credit: François Pobez

EuroDuals in action on Railcolor News

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