[IT] Hitachi Rail to deliver new narrow-gauge EMUs to EAV

Italian regional passenger transport operator Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV) has announced a winner of a tender for 40 new EMUs. Hitachi Rail SpA will deliver the trains, worth EUR 314 million, for operation on six routes to the east and south of the region’s capital, Napoli.

Within two years, forty new 1,5 kV DC EMUs will be in operation by Circumvesuviana, a company now owned by EAV. The most interesting thing about the contract – these trains operate on a 950 mm-gauge rail network, thus the extent such a fleet renewal is quite unique.

EAV currently operates ETR 211 Metrostar EMUs made by Firema and AnsaldoBreda, which are known for their unreliability, as well as an older fleet of FE220 EMUs. With AnsaldoBreda now being part of Hitachi Rail Europe, they are actually replacing their own dysfunctional trains.

In addition to the freshly announced tender, six new trainsets worth 40 million are planned to be purchased for a Piscinola-Aversa line north of Napoli on a standard gauge.

This follows five already confirmed FLIRT diesel-electric trains order from Stadler for the Napoli – Piedimonte Matese line.

The Vesuvian region also profits from a fleet renewal program by Trenitalia, that recently finished putting new Alstom Coradia Meridian EMUs named Jazz into operation in July.