[AT] ÖBB looking for hydrogen-powered trains?

A further innovation milestone for ÖBB may be on the horizon. The Austrian state railways have launched a tender for the rental of hydrogen multiple units (HMUs).

A short but significant newsflash from Austria: ÖBB is looking into renting 2 hydrogen-powered trainsets for a period of 12 months. It has recently published ‘contract notice’ on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).

The future contract should also arrange for vehicle maintenance, as well as a hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen fuel supply. Furthermore, the winner of the tender will be responsible for the acceptance of the vehicles on Austrian territory. The participation deadline of the tender has been set to 29.07.2019.

While further details regarding the project have not been made public at the moment, it is clear that this HMU project might turn out being a further step into ÖBB’s innovation (following its Cityjet Eco BEMU). It is likely that if these initial tests prove to be successful for the operator, a more significant order will come in the future.