[HU / Expert] GySEV orders additional Desiro EMUs

Austro-Hungarian operator GySEV (a.k.a. Raaberbahn) has released a transparency notice informing us about the next addition to its fleet of passenger trains.

For the amount of EUR 21 million, GySEV is buying three extra Siemens Desiro Mainline EMUs, series 4744 – GySEV’s brand name for these trains is ‘Ventus’. Five were ordered in 2014, and put into service two years later.

The three new trains will be operated on the same line as the existing ones: Deutschkreutz – Wulkaprodersdorf – Wien Hauptbahnhof – Bratislava-Petrzalka – and thus will offer extra capacity.

GySEV states it awarded Siemens directly, not issuing a public tender, as it is technically not possible to use a different type of rolling stock in combination with the existing fleet – the EMUs have to run in multiple for example. Plus, the current quality level of services on the route referred to as ‘highly integrated community transport’ in cooperation with ÖBB, can only be maintained with a single type-fleet.

A Siemens Desiro ML of the GySEV meets with a CityJet version of the same type at Vienna’s main station. Photo: Braňo Dolník
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