[Announcement] And the winner is… about the Railcolor survey

Do you remember? Last year we asked you to take part in our survey – so you could tell us what you liked, did not like, and what could be better.

Over 600 people filled in our questionnaire, we were overwhelmed by all the tips and recommendations (and the compliments) – thank you guys, it keeps us going!

We want to share some of the results with you, and tell you what we want to change. But, first things first, all participants had the opportunity to win a  ‘1-year-free-subscription’. And we have selected a winner:

John Whitby

Congrats! We will contact you this week.

Your recommendations and what we want to do:

But of course, the survey had a purpose. It gave us feedback on what is working, and what is not. We have listed 5 important concerns based on your feedback, and we explain how will going to address these issues.

1. Should I join you guys? What is behind that paywall?

Clear, we need to communicate better what we do, no better, we need to show you what we got. More colourful pictures, more details, the latest locomotive news – in your mail, on your phone, fast – In the upcoming time we will introduce new ways to try-out, to get a peak behind the curtains.

2. We want to know more about… technology and operator news

We hear you, loud and clear. And action: over the past months we brought you more articles about operators and their future plans, about tenders being published. You can now catch up with the industry earlier in the process, before the final order is being placed. More context, more backgrounds, more details – a process that will take time, but important for you.

We will add more technical data to our articles, and include this information in our new ‘dossier’ pages, which brings us to the next step:

3. Uhm , where was that article about…? Re-finding information

Railcolor News is growing continuously. We are managing around 2,400 articles now, around 1,000 different categories (=train types). True, there is a search function, keyword search will help you to a certain extend, but we understand that information needs to be organised better, easier to find, easier to re-find. New are the dossier pages (example here and here) that give a direct overview of all articles, news update and customers of a certain type of train.

4. Keep me posted; Browser notifications and email

The times when everyone was sitting behind a desktop computer while using the internet are long gone. Information is thrown at you 24/7 and everywhere, thanks to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more. It is not only about the information you bring anymore, it is about how we can reach you, in a way that suits you. New, next to good old RSS, we have a new browser notification system, and a newsletter that makes sure you will not miss out on any publication. We send it out 2x per week, no spamming here.

5. How can I help? Participation 

We are always surprised, happily surprised by your will to cooperate, to improve, to correct our work. Very important! We want to make it easier for you to directly contact us –  So, next to our normal contact page, we now have a contribution page, from where you can directly send us pictures, information – easier for you, easier for us!

For questions, or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us > hello@railcolornews.com.

Yours truly,

The Railcolor News team

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