[EU] The Rail Freight Forward coalition presents “Noah’s Train” addressing climate change

On 14.12.2018 a mobile art installation on rails left Poland’s Katowice as it began its crusade across Europe. Organised by Rail Freight Forward “Noah’s train” started its journey, hauled by PKP Cargo’s rising star: ET25-003.

We thank Adam Kupniewski for sharing his photographs of the train in Katowice station.

ET25-003 and Noah’s train in Katowice (PL), 14.12.2018 Author: Adam Kupniewski

Rail Freight Forward is a common initiative by PKP Cargo, DB Cargo, SNCF, Lineas and the Rail Cargo Group. It’s ambitious goal: Boost the share of rail in overall freight transport from 18% to 30% by 2030. And every challenge has its first step: for Rail Freight Forward this is the colourful “Noah’s train”, which departed yesterday from the World Climate Conference 2018 in Katowice, Poland.

Noah’s train

Noah’s train is a freight train with bright green containers, that will get a custom art work with a clear reference to the biblical story, using animals as symbol for the biggest threat to the earth at this moment: climate change. The touring dates of the train across Europe are:

  • PKP Cargo (Katowice, Poland) 14.12.2019
  • Rail Cargo Group (Vienna, Austria) 14.01.2019
  • DB Cargo (Berlin, Germany) 24.01.2019
  • SNCF (Paris, France) 05.02.2109
  • Lineas (Brussels, Belgium) 05.02.2019

Along its journey across Europe, two green containers will be decorated in every city.

ET25-003 of PKP Cargo

When leaving the station of Katowice, the new shiny red-white Dragon 2 of PKP Cargo was pulling the special transport. This is the Newag Dragon 2 that received a special livery, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Polish independence.

Rail Freight Forward

Rail Freight Forward represents a coalition of European freight operators with a common goal: the sustainable modernisation and optimisation of the European rail freight industry:

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