[Analysis / Expert] Bombardier TRAXX DC sales – all customers and configurations

With the arrival of the TRAXX DC3, the chapter of its predecessor, the TRAXX DC, can be closed. An overview of  all main configurations and all customers of Bombardier’s offering for DC voltage markets – built between 2006 and 2017.

With the introduction of the ‘TRAXX 2 Evolution’ platform in 2006, Bombardier was able to add a standardised DC-only locomotive to its program. The DC is a strip-down version of the multi system MS2e locomotive – largely similar (around 90% of the part are common), but without the components required for AC voltage systems – and for domestic services in Italy/Poland/Spain only.

Angel Trains Cargo (now Alpha Trains) was an important instigator for the development of the TRAXX 2E evolution, placing in order for both DC/MS2e electrics in 2005. On the basis of the DC Bombardier was able to place the winning bid for 100 locomotives for the Spanish railways (Renfe). Eventually, 200 locomotives were built, a complete overview:

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