[HU] CER Transmontana 610 100 & 101: livery refresh

It’s been more than three years since CER Cargo received it’s first Transmontanas. Recently, the designated 610 100 and 101 were repainted – The new livery is different compared to the previous one.

We thank Zoltán Nemcsik and Andre Grouillet for sharing their nice photographs with us.

  • The roof and frame are now grey in stead of light blue – dirt on the roof will be less visible
  • The light blue color tone on the body works a bit darker
  • The locomotive does not have CER logos, nor the EU map (yet)

610 101 in October 2018

610 101 in Bag (HU), 26.10.2018 Author: Zoltán Nemcsik

Below you can see the same locomotive, earlier this year – still wearing it’s original livery, that lacks the aforementioned grey elements.

610 101 in July 2018

610 101 & 102 in Györ (HU), 15 July 2018 Author: Andre Grouillet

So, which of the two liveries do you prefer?