[BG] Convoi Exceptionnel: Sofia Inspiros on the road

This is how they travel: over the road; A “Convoi Exceptionnel” of Inspiros was seen in Sofia this weekend and they are not the first ones to arrive at their new home town.

The first Inspiro train for the currently built line 3 of Sofia metro arrived in the beginning of July. A total of 20 units will be delivered by a consortium between Siemens Mobility and Newag.

Front view of motor car 3012 next to motor car 3011. Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.08.2018 Author: Konstantin Planinski

Now, series delivery of the 3-car sets is ongoing, with a new unit arriving in Sofia every two weeks. The one depicted in this article is numbered as: 3011-7006-3012.

Frontal view of control car 3011, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018 Author: Konstantin Planinski

The first to arrive was 3003-7002-3004, turning the latest one into the fifth to be delivered into its new home.

Side view of middle section 7006. Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.08.2018 Author: Konstantin Planinski

Here’s the current list of all Inspiro metro trains for Sofia to date:

  • Train 1 (3001-7001-3002): this is the test-bed train, which we showed you earlier: presumably in Poland;
  • Train 2 (3003-7002-3004): already in Bulgaria;
  • Train 3 (3005-7003-3006): already in Bulgaria;
  • Train 4 (3007-7004-3008): already in Bulgaria;
  • Train 5 (3009-7005-3010): already in Bulgaria;
  • Train 6 (3011-7006-3012): already in Bulgaria.

Note that all motor cars are numbered as series 30XX, while the middle sections, series 70XX, are the ones showing the actual train number.

This is how they got here: on board a Convoi Exceptionnel. Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.08.2018 Author: Konstantin Planinski

The journey from Poland takes a week. The transport is mainly done by night, when there is less traffic.

Cars 3012 and 7006, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.08.2018 Author: Konstantin Planinski

While this is not the first picture material we are showing on the white-teal metro trains for Sofia, we will soon be able to pay an in-depth visit to the one that Siemens will be soon exhibiting at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin.