[IT] Hitachi to build 12 more Leonardo metros for Milan (now 72)

Hitachi Rail Italy and Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) have signed a contract, worth around 87 million euro, for the construction of another 12 ‘Leonardo’ type metro trains. This order raises to number of metros of this type to 72. 

The new metros are ordered under a framework contract from 2012. First deliveries are scheduled in the Autumn of 2019.

The Leonardo units come in two colours, red for those used on line M1 and green for M2. The new units, which will have six cars each, are for the M2, a line with a catenary power system.

All orders in one overview:

  • 2012 = 30 sets > 20x Line 1 + 10x Line2
  • 2016 = 15x Line 2
  • 2017 = 9x Line 1 + 6x Line 2
  • 2018 = 12x Line 2