[DE] BVG and Siemens settle over U-bahn dispute

On 26.07.2018 the Berlin public transport operator BVG published the news that it had come to an agreement with Siemens about an ongoing dispute about whether or not BVG could order more Stadler U-bahn units without a public tender. BVG stated the ’emergency order’ for extra trains was justified because older F79 trains were failing and were beyond repair. Siemens however filed a complaint as only the BVG (and its fleet strategy) was to blame for this.

The case was taken to court that decided to give BVG and Siemens time to find a mutual agreement without a court ruling. This has now been reached. The solution:

  • The original plan from 25.10.2017: BVG wanted to order 20 extra 4-car units type Ik18 without tender process, delivery starting in 2019
  • BVG can now ‘only’ order up to 14 4-car sets directly. For the remaining six units, BVG first has to consult with Siemens.
  • The companies together have to determine how many F79-type U-bahn trains are beyond repair until medio 2019. If both agree, BVG can order the exact same number of extra sets from Stadler to replace the failing F79s.

Currently, Stadler is delivering a batch of 27 type Ik U-bahn EMUs, the designated no. 1038-1064, which are now entering service on line U2. Earlier, similar trains were built for line U5. The production of the next 14 sets will start in 2019.