[NL] Amsterdam selects CAF for new M7 metro order

This morning GVB – the public transport company in Amsterdam – made public that it has selected CAF as preferred supplier of its new generation of metros, the future M7 series. The order comprises of thirty 60-meter sets, with an option for thirty more.

The new trains are needed to cope with the fast growing ridership numbers, and to replace the older S2 and S3/M4 types on the ring and the ‘east’ line. The first units should enter service during the summer of 2021.

What follows now is a standstill period, to give competitors the possibility to object to the CAF nomination, before the final contract is signed.

It is not the first time that CAF delivers metros to Amsterdam. The S3/M4 rolling stock also came from Spanish production lines.

An older CAF built metro in Amsterdam – in the newest livery for this type of rolling stock, the red/silver R-Net design – Photo: GVB