[PL] Industrial Division buys one Vectron locomotive [Updated]

Siemens has confirmed that Industrial Division (ID), lease company from Poland, has acquired one Vectron locomotive. It will be a multi system machine with a top speed of 200 km/h. ETCS will be installed and the locomotive will be certified for Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. The contract was signed on 19.02.2018. Which locomotive exactly will be delivered to ID is not yet known.

ID is Polish company based in Wroclaw. Currently they own around 160 locomotives, 90 of these being electrics. They also own 14WE type passenger trains. There a locomotives in a blue and silver ID livery (such as 181/182 type electrics and M62 diesels) and more recently several ID locomotives were repainted in dark blue and red with CargoUnit markings (TEM2, 401Da, SM42).

ID is also the current owner of four Newag Dragon electric locomotives: E6ACT-001 to -004 and Pesa Gama locomotives 111Ed-001, 111Eb-003 and 111Eb-004.

Of E6ACT-002, -003 and -004 we know that they have lost their STK logos and got Cargounit stickers instead.

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