[FR] Alstom delivers first Citadis X05 for Nice tram line T2

Alstom and the French city of Nice have unveiled the first Citadis X05 for the T2 tram line. The presentation took place at the new Charles Ginésy tram maintenance center, where the new tram completed its first meters, without any overhead line. 

During the night of 07.02.2018, the first Alstom Citadis X05 tram for the T2 East-West tram line arrived by truck. During the days that followed, the different modules were put together by Alstom engineers. It’s the first of 19 trams ordered in 2015. Late 2017 an option for six additional trams, to be operated on line T3, was exercised.

Unwrapping the new Citadis X05 after transport to the Maintenance Center in Nice – Photo: City of Nice

Last Friday Christian Estrosi, the Mayor of Nice, unveiled the first Alstom Citadis X05 at Charles Ginésy maintenance center. Next to several Nice Council representatives, also designer Ora Ïto, responsible for designing the interior and exterior, and Jean-Baptiste Eymeoud, chairman of Alstom France, attended the event. Tram line T2 is around 11 km long and connects the Nice Cote d’Azure Airport Terminal 2 in the west with the port of Nice in the east.

Alstom Citadis X05 without any overhead line moves around Charles Ginésy Maintenance Center – Photo: City of Nice

As can be seen in the video below (starting at 1:49) the tram partly moves around the Charles Ginésy maintenance center’s tracks without an overhead line. The tram features Alstom’s EcoPack system for catenary-free operations. Find out more about the trams and tram lines T2 & T3 in our previous item on the Nice trams.