[PL] Stadler-Solaris to deliver 35 new trams to MPK Krakow

Stadler has two reasons to celebrate: the company’s CEO, Peter Spuhler, recently signed two new contracts in Poland. The first one involves the construction of 35 trams for MPK Krakow, and includes the option for an additional 15 trains. The second agreement was concluded with the regional rail operator Koleje Mazowieckie for the delivery of 71 FLIRT EMU trains. Other promising tenders are in the works.

“We’ve now broken into the Polish market,” declares Peter Spuhler, owner and CEO of Stadler.

Spuhler was in Krakow yesterday with Stadler Sales Director Peter Jenelten to sign the first contract for the supply of the new rail vehicles. The signing of the second contract took place in Warsaw today. Stadler has been operating its plant in Poland for over 10 years now and even opened a subsidiary there. But apart from the occasional domestic order – for the regional operators Koleje Mazowieckie, Koleje Śląskie, and Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, and the state-run PKP Intercity – the affiliate dealt mostly with exports.


The contract with Krakow’s municipal transport company MPK, which was awarded to Stadler and its joint venture partner Solaris Bus & Coach, was signed on Tuesday in a Krakow government building in the presence of Krakow Mayor Jacek Majchrowski, MPK Krakow management board members Rafał Świerczyński und Mariusz Szałkowski, Peter Spuhler, and Solaris owner Solange Olszewska. The order for 50 trams (35 initial trams + an option for 15 more) is valued at 363.5 million PLN.

Quick and comfortable boarding and alighting
The orders consist of modern three-car, low-floor trams with four bogies. Each of the 35 new trams is designed to seat 80 and has room for 147 standing passengers as well as space for a wheelchair. Wide front doors (1.4 meters/4.6 feet) allow passengers to board and alight quickly and comfortably. Stadler worked together with MPK to design the front of the tram to minimize the risk of a pedestrian being pulled under an oncoming train in the event of a collision.

Photo: Stadler Rail

The first trams are expected to arrive in Krakow within the next 24 months, while the last units should be delivered no later than 30 months after the contract signature date. The trams are scheduled to be incorporated into MPK’s regular service in 2020.

Stadler in Poland 
Stadler Polska was founded in 2007 in the city of Siedlce. Back then, the company operated out of an assembly plant on a site leased by the Polish State Railways (PKP). In the years that followed, the factory was modernized and developed into a state-of-the-art production facility. Currently employing around 700 skilled workers, Stadler Polska is one of the largest employers in Siedlce.

Railcolor: Pesa originally won the tender in 2017, but eventually decided not so sign the deal with MPK Krakow. Meanwhile, MPK had tried to exclude Pesa from the deal as the operator had ‘negative experiences’ with the manufacturer during previous projects. In December it became clear that the final contract was awarded to Stadler Rail, the company that came second in the original bidding process.