[AT] Video: The first Flexity lightrail vehicle for Vienna, sort of ready

The production of new Flexity LRVs for Vienna is gaining momentum. On 11.10.2017, Bombardier and operator Wienerlinien presented the first, almost finished vehicle. At the end of 2018, the new red and white LRVs will enter service in the capital of Austria.

Wienerlinien has placed a fixed order of 119 LRVs with options to raise this number up to 156. The sets will be 34 meter long and can carry up to 211 passengers. Each LRV has two places reserved for wheelchairs and eight (!) for strollers. Also available are extra wide seats for mother+child. All information about the order can be found here.

A video published on 11.10.2017:

And a video from April 2017: