[CZ] Poll: how to Tango in Ostrava?

Design is also in the details. The transport authority of the city of Ostrava (CZ) has put up a poll for the livery of its new Stadler Rail Tango trams. We see a blue-ish painted vehicle with different white style elements. People can vote for which elements they like best.

Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO) placed an order for forty trams in January 2017. Back then, we were confused by the design impression in the press statement, clearly showing a version of Stadler’s Metelitsa tram design, and not the Tango which was mentioned in the text. The new images show a different vehicle design, more related to the Tango’s we already know.

Do you want to place your vote? You can visit the poll website here.

Impressions: Dopravní podnik Ostrava