[SK] ZSSK orders 8 another diesel trains from ŽOS Vrútky (with an option for 13 more)

The Slovakian state railways (ZSSK) have made public that it has ordered another eight ‘RegioMover’ diesel trains from ŽOS Vrútky.  ZSSK already operates 32 3-car trains of this type.

The RegioMover is diesel-hydraulic and built as a partially low-floor 3-car train. It has four bogies, of which the two on both ends of the train are motorized.

ZSSK has now placed a fixed order four 8 sets, costing around 33 million euro, to be allocated and operated in the Zvolen region. The order comprises of 1x a 2-car train with 110 seat and 7x 3-car trains with 160 seats. In total ZSSK has a budget of around 77 million euro to spend on this order. For money that is unused now, it wants to order another 13 2-car RegioMover’s in the future.

In total, ZSSK now has ordered three batches:

  • Batch 1: 861 001-012, delivered 2011-2013
  • Batch 2: 861 013-032, delivered 2014-2015
  • Batch 3: 8 new trains for Zvolen

Check here the gallery of the ZSSK 861 series DMUs on Trainspo.com

Photo: ŽOS Vrútky
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